Greta Garbo Cake

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 1hr


Dough: 300g flour, dried yeast, 150g butter, 80g sugar, 100ml liquid sour cream, lemon skin, 1 egg

Filling: 300g apricot jam, 200g crushed walnuts, 100g sugar, vanilla sugar and lemon skin

Glaze: 150g black chocolate, 50ml liquid sour cream


This wonderful combination of sour-sweet and chocolate, once again, amazed everyone in my family, thus I believe we should go straight to baking this outstanding baked treat!

Create the dough in a bowl by kneading together the flour, dried yeast and butter and creating a sandy dough. Separately, mix the egg, sour cream and lemon skin, but then add these to the dough. Knead until it all ingredients get incorporated into the dough and leave to chill and rise for approximately 1 hour (you can leave it for longer if you have the time).


In the meantime, we can get cracking on maxing the filling for this cake.It is very simple; all you got to do is mix together the walnuts, the sugar, the lemon skin and the vanilla!

Split the dough into 3 equal parts. Prepare a baking tray by placing baking paper and then spreading the first dough part in it. On the top of this dough, sprinkle around half of the prepared walnut mix and then spread the second dough part on top of the walnut. Cover the second dough with jam and the rest of the walnut mix and finish off by placing the third dough part on the top. I would advise you to leave the baking tray in a warm place for around 30min. in order to rise further and then you can put it in the oven to bake for around 25-30min. at 180”C.

When the cake is still a bit warm, decorate by gazing the top layer with chocolate. You can obtain this glaze by simply melting the chocolate and mixing it with some liquid sour cream, which will create this perfect ganache.

It is a truly amazing treat and I can assure you that your dear ones will never have enough of it! Good luck and I wish you all the best my little chiefs! Kisses and let me know what your thoughts on this baked treat are!  :*



Dificultate: Redusa
Timp: 1h


Aluat: 300gr făină, 1 plic drojdie uscată, 150 gr unt, 80 gr zahăr, 100 ml smantana lichidă, coaja rasa de lamaie, zahar vanilat, 1 ou

Umplutura: 300 gr gem caise, 200 gr nuci tocate marunt, 100 gr zahar, zahar vanilat si coaja rasa de lamaie

Glazura: 150 gr ciocolata amaruie, 50 ml smantina lichida

Mod de preparare

Eheee…ce minunatie de prajitura…cu siguranța va aminteste de copilarie…:) Aceasta combinație minunata de dulce acrișor plus ciocolata facut din nou senzație in familia mea..:) Da, sa trecem la prajiturit..zic..Intr-un bol se pune faina, drojdia si untul si framintam, iar rezultatul e un aluat nisipos.
Separat, amestecam oul, smantina si aromele si adaugam in aluatul de faina. Framintam pina la incorporare totala si aluatul rezultat il punem in folie si il lasam la crescut aprox. o ora (puteti si mai mult daca aveti timp).nCit timp creste, facem umplutura, adica amestecam intr-un bol nuca, zaharul coaja de lamaie si vanilia..simplu..:)
Se imparte aluatul in 3 parți egale. Intr-o tava de aprox 25x25cm punem hartie de copt și intindem prima foaie pe care o ungem cu gem si apoi presaram jumatate din cantitatea de umplutura de nuca, apoi intindem iar foaie, iar gem si restul de umplutura si incheiem cu a treia foaie.Lasam tava la cald aprox.30 minute ca foile sa dospeasca si apoi dam la cuptor pentru 25-30 minute la 180”C in cuptorul incins in prealabil.
Cind prajitura e doar un pic calduța turnam glazura de ciocolata pe care o facem pur si simplu topind pe aburi ciocolata pe care o amestecam cu smantina lichida si ne va iesi un ganache minunat.
O minunatie…ai mei niciodata nu se satura doar cu o portie…Spor la prajiturit si ginduri bune, dragii mei. :*

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