Oreo truffles


Difficulty: Easy

Time: 30min.


2 oreo packs (300gr)

½ pack of digestives (150gr)

300gr cheese cream

150gr melted chocolate


With the help of a blender tear the oreo biscuits into crumbs and then add the cream cheese in turns of 1-2 spoons. Place this composition in the fridge for an hour to allow it to cool down and stick together better. After the hour is up, form small balls from this composition and then cover them in melted chocolate (to melt the chocolate simply use steam). You can decorate them as you wish; I used pieces and crumbs from digestive biscuits.

It’s as simple as that! They are the perfect treat for you or for anyone else for any occasion! So simple to make, yet they look so fancy and complicated. They will definitely stand out!

I wish you all the best! Kisses and I look forward to your comments! :*


Also see recipe on: http://www.gustos.ro/retete-culinare/oreo-truffles.html

Timp:30 min


  • 2 pachete de biscuiti oreo/300grm
  • o jumatate pachet biscuiti digestivi/150grm.
  • o cutie de 300 grm.crema de branza de foarte buna calitate și
  • 150 gr.ciocolata topita

Mod de preparare

Mixam in robotul de bucatarie biscuitii pina se faramiteaza, apoi adaugam branza treptat cite 1-2 linguri. Dam la rece compoziția pentru o ora și apoi cu ajutorul unei lingurițe formam biluțe pe care le trecem princiocolata topita in prealabil pe abur. Le puteti orna cum va trece prin minte, eu am folosit bucatale de biscuiti sfaramați.
Sunt absolut delicioase si extrem de usor de facut. As putea spune ca e un desert perfect pentru orice ocazie, chiar și oferite cadou pentru cineva drag si va garantez ca faceți senzatie la cat sunt de delicioase..cremoase..fine…:)Spor la prajiturit si ginduri minunate :*

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