Butter-vanilla cake with berry sauce and wipped cream



This is an exquisite, elegant and wonderful cake that can be made for any sort of anniversary or celebration. This time around I actually made it for a special lady, to whom of course I couldn’t offer just anything. It had to be something delicate just like her, however we should get our baking hats on! 🙂

Difficulty: Medium

Time: 2 hours


Dough :3 eggs, 100gr sugar, 80gr melted butter, vanilla essence, 1 spoon baking powder, 200gr sieved flour

Whipped cream – 500ml liquid sour cream, 4 spoons of sugar, 100gr cheese cream, vanilla essence, lemon skin

Fruit sauce – 300gr frozen wild berries, 3 sugar spoons

Decorating – 250gr fondant as a top layer and for the orchid and ribbon like detail



First of all, I just have to say that the cake itself is extremely easy and fast to make, the longest part being the chilling period. On the other hand, the decorating is quite challenging, especially for those beginner chiefs amongst you, as it requires a lot of patience and precision.

Now having said that, we should get on baking! When making the base of the cake (the dough), firstly mix the eggs and the sugar together until they increase in volume and the content obtained is soft. Then you can move on and add the vanilla essence and the butter (which you melted beforehand). Now is the moment to leave the hand mixer and start working with a spatula as the next step requires adding the flour and the baking powder.

Put the some of the created dough in a round 18cm baking tray and some in a round 10cm baking tray and place them in the oven for around 30min. at 180”C. I would advise you to be careful as the small tray will be ready in around 15min. so it’s really important to remember to take it out earlier. Also do not forget to test both dough trays with a toothpick to make sure they are baked as not all ovens are the same and they might require to be left for longer or so.



While the base is baking in the oven, we have enough time to make the whipped cream and fruit sauce. I recommend making your own whipped cream rather than buying it as the one you make will be less nauseating and sweet. Starting with the fruit sauce first, you simply mix the frozen wild berries and the sugar together and place these on the stove at a small gas mark. Leave them until the sugar melts and it creates a thin sauce, which would be around 5min. Place this in the fridge to allow it to chill and move onto making the whipped cream.

In a small bowl, that was left in the fridge for around 20min. beforehand, mix the liquid sour cream (which has to be cold too) and sugar until they blend nicely together. You can then add the sweet cheese and keep mixing until the contents harden a bit. When you’ve completed all this, add the bits of lemon skin you scrapped and the vanilla essence.



By now they should have all chilled – the baked dough, the whipped cream and the fruit sauce – therefore we can start assembling it all together and form this extraordinary cake. It is important to cut the baked dough in two equal parts in order to be able to fill it in the middle with the fruit sauce and about half of the whipped cream, but also to be able to fill the top part of the cake with 3-4 spoons of fruit sauce (just the sauce, avoid any of the wild berries on top). It makes the cake just this much more delicious if the sauce is spread throughout it. Then continue by using the other half of the whipped cream as a coat for the outside of the whole cake. The same steps apply to the 10cm baked dough as well.



Well that’s all the easy parts done, so now comes the most interesting and fun part: the decorating!! You can chose to decorate as you wish, whether it is just by leaving the cake covered in whipped cream or whether you decide to add some exotic fruits to the top part of the cake, it will be still delicious! I decided to create a more elegant and pleasantly striking look, therefore I opted for a fondant coat as an outside layer for the cake with some pink fondant ribbon like detail and a pink fondant orchid as the top piece.

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All the fondant decorations are hand made by me, so if you opt for this option make sure you are confident enough in creating such pieces in order to avoid disappointment, but also I have to emphasise that if you decide to take this route, make sure you give yourself enough time, as these decorations have to be made a few days in advance. 

Good luck my little chiefs! I wish you all the best and I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback! Would you like a follow up post on how to create these fondant pieces in order to make your BakedTreats stand out? Kisses and until next time! :* 



 Minunat si rafinat este acest tort si cu siguranță il puteti face la orice aniversare . De data aceasta l-am facut pentru o persoana deosebita, caruia nu ai puteam oferii decit ceva foate delicat, exact asa cum e si ea….:) Da hai sa trecem la treaba si sa va arat cum se face..


Timp de pregatire:2 ore



  • 3 ouă
  • 100 gr zahar
  • 80 gr unt topit
  • esenta de vanilie
  • 1 lingurita praf de copt
  • 200 gr faina cernuta


  • 500 ml smantina lichida
  • 4 linguri cu zahar
  • 100 gr crema de brinza
  • esenta de vanilie
  • o lingurita coaja rasa de lamaie

Sos fructe:

  • 300 gr fructe de padure congelate
  • 3 linguri zahar

Pt. ornat:

  • 250 gr fondant
  • flori din fondant

Mai intai de toate trebuie sa va spun ca tortul in sine se face extrem de repede, dureaza cumva mai mult statul la rece  si decoratul, normal…In fine..sa trecem la treaba si incepem cu blatul. Mixam ouăle cu zaharul pina isi dubleaza volumul si are o consistenta pufoasa si aerata, adaugam esenta de vanilie si untul pe care la topit in prealabil si acum e doar un pic calduț. Acum e momentul sa lasam mixerul si sa lucram cu un tel manual ori cu o spatula pentru ca urmeaza sa adaugam faina care a fost amestecata cu praful de copt in prealabil.

Punem compozitia intr-o tava rotunda de 18cm diametru si in una de 10 cm si dam la cuptor pentru aproximativ 30 minute la 180”C. Tava mica o sa fie gata cumva in 15 minute, nu uitati de ea..:) si nu uitati sa faceti testul cu scobitoarea pentru ca nu toate cuptoarele lucreaza la fel


Cit timp se coace blatul numai bine avem timp de sos si de crema. Mai intai facem sosul adica punem fructele congelate inpreuna cu zaharul la foc mic si lasam pina se se topeste zaharul si se formeaza un sos subtire, as zice aproximativ 5 minute


Dam la rece si facem frisca. Intr-un vas care a stat la rece inainte punem smantina lichida care si ea trebuie sa fie  rece adaugam zaharul si mixam pina incepe sa se lege, acum e momentul sa punem crema de brinza  si mixam pina se intareste. La urma  adaugam  coaja rasa de lamaie si esenta de vanilie


Cint avem blatul, sosul si frisca reci incepem asamblatul si ornatul. Taiem blatul in doua parti egale, punem sosul de fructe, adaugam jumatate din cantitatea de frisca, punem al doilea blat si turnam de data aceasta doar 3-4 linguri din sosul de fructe(fara fructe) dupa care imbracam tortul in frisca. Vom proceda exact la fel si in cazul blatului mic.


   Si acum vine partea cea mai interesanta pentru mine..ornatul..:) Voi puteti alege orice , fie sprițat cu frisca, fie inbracat cu fructe ori imbracat in fondant asa cum am facut eu..:)  Am ales sa il decorez doar cu o simpla banda de fondant roz si o orhidee…as zice ca e destul de elegant pentru aniversarea unei stimate doamne…

 ???????????????????????????????OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

     Spor la prajiturit dragii mei si zile senine va doresc :*