Mickey Mouse cake



Happy birthday little angel Riley!!!!… A new vanilla sponge cake with raspberry jam and chocolate ganach!… ❤




All the best my gourgeous friends! :* ❤




Communion cake



My new  creation…. a new biscuits cake for gorgeous Emily and Rachel at first holy communion! I am so delighted with my little angels!!!

 And few details… specialy for you   🙂






All the best my little friends!!!! :* ❤



How to make Thomas train fondant?..



Hello my darlings!

This here is an absolute delight! It’s a delicious cake I baked over the weekend for the birthday party of two three years old siblings – Jack and Jodie. The cake itself is a vanilla sponge cake with whipped cream and apricot jam, which is the perfect combination for children! 🙂

Since I’ve already posted the recipe and steps on how to make the sponge cake, I will only explain how to make the fondant Thomas train, but will of course link the sponge cake post.


As I mentioned before in various posts, when making decorations out of fondant, you must start 5-6 days beforehand in order to allow enough drying time. I did the same for this cake… so all those little flowers, the stones, the trees and the wonderful train were made 5 days in advance. It was actually my first time making a train out of fondant so I was more or less a bundle of nerves the whole weekend, but I really like the final outcome and I hope you do too! 🙂

Without further ado, surrounded by train toys, pictures of trains, magazines of Thomas trains and other gizmos, I got my baking hat on and set off…

Blue, red, black, white and grey fondants are required for this. Also some droplets of yellow and red sugar paste will be useful for certain small decorations. I actually used egg white to stick together all the train components but you can opt for whatever method you like best!


Rumanian version:

   Un cake minunat si foarte delicios pentru doi fratiori de 3 anisori Jack si Jodie. Este un vanilla sponge cake  cu frisca si gem de caise. O combinatie foarte fina, mai ales pentru copii .. 🙂 pentru a vedea reteta de la sponge cake o sa va atases link-ul la reteta  pentru ca voi folosii aceste tort doar pentru a va arata cum am facut ornamentele din fondant si in mod special trenuletul thomas. Cu 5-6 zile inainte de a finaliza tortul am facut decoratiile, adica floricelele, un bradut care e foarte simplu, stelute de mai multe marimi puse una peste alta, citeva pietre si minunatul Thomas..:) Trebuie sa va marturisesc ca e pentru prima oara cind il fac si am avut ceva emotii, insa cred eu ca rezultatul final a fot unul foarte bun….


Asadar .. inconjurata de trenulete, poze, reviste cu thomas,,imagini de pe net..etc mi-am pus imaginatia la treaba si am pornit la treaba…

Aveti nevoie de fondant albastru, rosu, negru,alb si gri plus citeva picaturi de pasta de zahar galbena si rosie pentru citeva mici decoratii. Eu am folosit albus de ou pentru a lipii toate componentele trenuletului…



Some small details…

si citeva mici delatii…



More small details…

si mai multe detalii…


And now onto the face… Which is the hardest since you’ve to get the facial expression right…

si acum sa facem fatza..


And the wheels are ready…

si rotile sunt gata…..

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA???????????????????????????????

si Thomas e pregatit de sarbatoare….:)



Not to forget about the decorations we promised Jodie too!

si citeva mici decoratii cu flori pentru surioasa lui Jack…




And when everything was put together, the whole cake looked something like this! :

Si in final…cu totul…cam asa arata…




With the hope that the post was somewhat useful, I wish you all a wonderful day filled with sun and joy and I will see you next time with yet another delicious BakedTreat! Kisses :*


In speranta ca v-am fost de ajutor va doresc o zi minunata cu soare in suflet dragii mei :* ❤

Easter cupcakes



Happy Easter everyone!!

Well my darling bakers, Easter is literary just around the corner so I’ve decided to prepare these absolutely delicious almond cupcakes which are so easy and quick to make.


Dough: 250g flour, 55g ground almonds, 1 spoon baking powder, 1 spoon baking soda, 2 eggs, 100g sugar, 80ml oil, 125ml natural yogurt and vanilla essence.

Butter cream: 200g soft butter, 300g powdered sugar, 1 egg white, 4-5 spoons of milk, vanilla essence and 4-5 drops of green food dye.


As usually, start by mixing all the ingredients in a bowl – the flour, the almonds, the baking powder and the baking soda. Separately, mix the eggs, sugar, oil, yogurt and vanilla essence together and then add this on top of your bowl mixture. Make sure that all ingredients are fully incorporated by further mixing.  Then simply prepare your cupcake cups, fill them up about three quarters and put in the oven for 20-25min. at 180”C.


While these are baking, we have just enough time to prepare the butter cream. Firstly, mix the butter well until it turns into a foamy mixture and then add the powdered sugar and milk slowly in 4-5 stages, followed by a few drops of lemon juice. When this is done, add the egg white which was beaten beforehand. Your cupcakes are ready to be decorated using the cream just prepared.


I chose to split my cream up as follows: one simple layer of the plain white butter cream I just prepared on top of each cupcake, followed by a layer of green butter cream which I go by adding a few drops of green food dye to the remaining cream mixture. I used a small nozzle on the icing piping bag in order to make the top layer resemble a bed of grass. To get into the whole Easter spirit, I added some mini chocolate eggs and a fondant flower here and there.



So? What are your opinions on these Easter cupcakes? Have they prepared you for the weekend and brought about that Easter spirit? What will you all, my little bakers prepare for your Easter fest?

I wish you all a very Happy Easter close to your loved ones and I send the very best wishes your ways, no matter where you all are! Enjoy the long weekend! 🙂 Kisses my dears! :*

Also please excuse the lack of posts lately but I’ve been extremely preoccupied… for example one of my dearest friend, whom I haven’t seen in a very long time as she lives in the States, came to visit me… it was an absolutely amazing surprise and since her arrival, we have been going on all sorts of journeys and excursions with a lot of time away from home and little time to write or bake. I will make it up to all of you soon! :*




romanian version:

Paște fericit tuturor!!!…

  Că tot vine paștele m-am gindit să pregătesc citeva brioșe cu migdale . E o rețetă extrem de simplă si un decor foarte usor de facut…Da hai să vedem cum să le pregatim…


  • 250g făină
  • 55g migdale măcinate
  • 1 linguriță praf de copt
  • un virf linguriță bicarbonat de sodiu
  • 2 ouă
  • 100 g zahar
  • 80 ml ulei
  • 125 ml iaurt simplu
  • extract de vanilie

Crema de unt:

  • 200 g unt moale
  • 300g zahar pudra
  • un albus ou batut spuma
  • 4-5 linguri lapte
  • extract de vanilie
  • 4-5 picături de colorant alimentar verde


Mixăm intr-un bol ingredientele uscate, adică făina, migalele, praful de copt si bicarbonatul de sodiu. Separat mixăm ouăle cu zaharul, uleiul, iaurtul si vanilia. Mixul de lichide il punem peste cel de solide si amestecăm pină la incorporare totală. Pregatim formele de brioșe si le umplem cam 3/4. Dăm la cuptor pentru 2-25 minute la 180”C in cuptorul incins in prealabil.


Cit timp se coc brioșele numai bine avem timp să facem crema de unt. Mixăm untul pina devine spumă, adaugăm apoi zaharul pudra in 4-5 etape alternind cu lapte si citeva picaturi de zeama de lamaie. La sfirsit incorporam albusul batut spuma.  Cind brioșele sunt reci le decoram cu crema de unt pregatită.




Eu am ales sa pun un strat de crema alba mai intai si in restul de cremă am pus citeva picături de colorant alimentar verde si  cu un șprit special am facut un pat de iarbă  pe care am asezat citeva mini ouă de ciocolată și pe ici pe colo cite o floricică din fondat


Eu am ales sa pun un strat de crema alba mai intai si in restul de cremă am pus citeva picături de colorant alimentar verde si  cu un șprit special am facut un pat de iarbă  pe care am asezat citeva mini ouă de ciocolată și pe ici pe colo cite o floricică din fondat

Ei, ce ziceți??? V-am introdus un pic in atmosfera de sărbătoare????…

        Un Paște fericit vă doresc dragii mei si ginduri bune trimit către voi, oriunde vă aflați! :*

How to make fondant flowers?…



Well here it is! The highlyrequested ‘how to make fondant flowers’ tutorial… and I’ve decided to create a new category, where I’ll post all sorts of tutorials that you all request. 🙂

Usually I start making the fondant decorations at least 4 to 5 days beforehand as this allows them enough time to dry properly and it makes them easier to handle. I don’t really own any fancy tools or supplies, but rather bought necessities and improvised where possible; therefore to create these you will require only a few utensils that you might already have at home. Some knives for precise detail and shaping, some lengthy foam pads on which you can leave the flowers, some baking molds that will help you cut the flowers and of course some coloured fondant! 🙂

For the purpose of this tutorial, I’ve made some yellow, red and black flowers with some leaves here and there.

With the help of a rolling pin, spread the fondant on a clean surface, but leave it around 2-3mm thick so it doesn’t break easily. Then with the aid of the baking molds, you can start cutting out the shapes of the flowers.



Carefully transfers the cut out flowers to the foam pads and with your knives carefully start shaping the flowers (you’ll see in the photos below what kind of knives I’ve used).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA???????????????????????????????OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA???????????????????????????????


After shaping them, you can leave them to dry wherever you find best. I usually leave them on either theempty egg box and place some napkins on top or for the really small flowers I use an ice cube mold or even just aluminium foil.




I let them dry for at least 24hours and then finalise them with some more detail. Usually I stick a small fondant ball to the middle of the flower to make it more realistic and/or some small bonbons with the aid of some glycerine drops.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

I leave them for at least a further 24hours and then they are ready to be used as decorations for cupcakes, cakes and all other baking treats!

I hope you enjoyed my post and I hope it was helpful! 🙂 All of you that give it a go should share your creations with me; I’d be delighted to see them all! My email is bakedtreats@hotmail.com, fell free to get sending! Haha

I wish you all the best and I hope you all had a very good start to your week… there’s no Monday sadness that can’t be cured by some delicious BakedTreats!




romanian version:

Dragele mele, deoarece ați insistat in mai multe rinduri să vă arăt in detaliu cum fac ornemntele, m-am hotarit să creez o noua categorie unde voi posta, pe rind cum le fac. Asadar…. o sa incep cu aceste minunate floricele, deoarece pregatesc stuff pentru citeva cupcakes pentru petrecerea unei prietene dragi..

    In mod normal fac ornamentele din fondant cu cel putin 4-5 zile mai devreme, deoarece ele trebuie sa aibă timp să se usuce foarte bine, și de obicei e nevoie de citeva zile să ajung la final cu o floricica…dar hai să vedeți cum fac eu…

Nu am studiat prea mult cum fac cei cu școală, ca să zic așa….eu mi-am cumpărat minimum de lucruri necesare si am mai și improvizat pe ici pe colo, așadar ..aveti nevoie de un minim de ustensile adică citeva cutite cu virf special pentru a modela petalele, două  paturi din burete foarte dens pe care să modelati florile, citeva forme cu care să tăiati formele de flori si normal..fondant colorat…:)

De astă dată am făcut flori roșii, galbene si negre si bineinteles citeva frunze… Intindem cu ajutorul unui roll bucata de fondant groasă de aproximativ 2-3mm, după care tăiați cu ajutorul formei…



Transferăm fiecare floricică ori petata pe rind pe burete si cu ajutorul cutitului modelăm petalele., O să vedeți in pozici ce cutile am folosit si cum se face, pur si simplu presati cu cutitul fiecare petală….


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA???????????????????????????????

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA???????????????????????????????

Dupa aceasta etapa punem floricele la uscat, eu folosesc un carton pentru ouă pe care pun servețele, ori o formă pentru cuburi de gheță – pentru floricele foarte mici ori pur si simplu folie de aluminiu pe care o sifolez un pic..:)

Imaginația voastră o să vă ajute să vă jucați in fel și chip…stiu sigur.. 🙂


Le las la uscat cel puțin 24 de ore, după care finalizez floricelele, adică mă folosesc de citeva picaturi de glicerină si lipesc o biluță de fondant pe care presor citeva bombonele foarte mici, din alea special pentru decor…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Le mai las  cel puțin  24 ore și apoi le folosesc ca si ornament pentru torturi…cupcakes…muffins…fursecuri…etc..orice vă trece prin cap că puteți decora in stil de sărbătoare…:)

     Sper că sunteți incintați de floricelele mele si că v-am fost de real folos cu ceva…:) Pină la următoarea lectie de decoratii din fondant și pastă de zahăr vă spun spor dragii mei și vă trimit ginduri de bine oriunde vă aflați….:*

Mothers cake



For all of you my love mothers…because today  is Mothers Day!!!!!!…..

I love you all…wherever you are.. ❤


Time: 1 hrs.
Difficulty: Easy

  • 2 eggs
  • 3 spoon sugar
  • 30 gr soft butter
  • vanilla essence
  • 150 gr flour
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder

For topping:

  • 150 gr butter
  • 2 cup icing sugar
  • 1 egg white
  • vanilla essence
  • 2 spoon milk

First of all make the dough that is very simple, it’s a vanilla sponge cake . Mixing the eggs with the sugar until lighten and doubled in volume , then add vanilla and flour sifted with baking powder and finally add the melted butter which is a warm . The cake is a very small diameter 15 cm . So you need a very small or if the recipe you will attract double the quantity and make one larger size ..leave it for 20-25 minutes in the oven at 180 ” C.

While the cake is baking we will make cream foam mixing butter and then add sugar alternating with milk and vanilla in 4-5 stages. After add the beaten egg white foam .

When the cake is cold cut it into two equal parts , put first a layer of cream crust , crust and then add the second meeting dress thin layer of cream . Give the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes

. Of the remaining 2 tablespoons cream heaped take the cream put 2-3 drops of green dye and mixing until well incorporate . From this cream will make the leaves for decoration .

In the remaining cream and put 2-3 drops of red will get a slightly pinkish cream , cream dress with cake and you do some ornaments at the base , that if you choose to decorate it like me .. After you dress with pink cream , gently place the decorations . I chose this beautiful light blue flower color , which I did 4 days ago and made a few leaflets here and there …

I hope that you will like my little cake and i hope you will have a wonerfull time baking my dears. have great day !!!


romanian version:

Acest tortuleț l-am dedicat zilei mamei, care se sărbătorește aici unde locuiesc, astăzi 30 Martie. Vi-l dedic vouă, tuturor mămicilor din lumea intreaga . Vă iubesc pe toate dragele mele, oriunde vă aflați….. :*

Dificultate redusa

Timp pregatire: 1 oră


  • 2 oua
  • 3 linguri zahar
  • 30 gr unt moale
  • esenta vanilie
  • 150 gr faina
  • 1/2 lingurita praf de copt


  • 150 gr unt
  • 2 cup zahar pudra
  • 1 albus de ou batut spuma
  • esenta de vanilie
  • 2 linguri lapte
  • 2-3picaturi colorant rosu
  • 2-3picaturi colorant verde


Mai intai de toate facem blatul care e foarte simplu, e un sponge cake de vanilei. Mixam ouale cu zaharul pina se deschid la culoare si isi dubleaza volumul, adaugam esenta de vanilie si apoi faina cernuta cu praful de copt si la urma adaugam untul topit care este doar foarte putin caldut.  Tortul este unul foarte mic de diametru 15 cm. Asadar aveti nevoie de o forma foarte mica ori daca va atrage reteta puteti dubla cantitatea si sa faceti unul de marime mai mare..:) Dam la cuptor oentru 20-25 minute la 180”C

Cit timp se coace blatul facem crema, mixam untul spuma si apoi adaugam zaharul alternind cu laptele si esenta de vanilie in 4-5 etape. La urma adaugam albusul batut spuma.

Cind blatul e rece il taiem in doua parti egale , punem pe primul blat un strat de crema, adaugam al doilea blat si apoi il imbracam intrun strat subtire de crema. dam la frigider pentru cel putin 30 minute. Din restul de crema luam 2 linguri cu virf de crema in care punem 2-3 picaturi de colorant verde si mixam pina se incorporeaza foarte bine. Din aceasta crema vom face frunzele pentru decor. In restul de crema punem 2-3 picaturi de rosu si ne va iesi o crema usor rozie, crema cu care imbracam tortul si ai facem citeva ornamente la baza, asta daca alegeti sa il decorati ca mine..:)

Dupa ce il imbracam cu crema roz, asezam cu grija decoratiile. Eu am ales aceasta minunata floricica de culoare bleo, pe care am facut-o cu 4 zile in urma si am facut citeva frunzulite pe ici pe colo..

Cu speranta ca v-a placut tortuletul meu vă spun spor la prajiturit dragii mei si o zii minunata :*