Mini roses/ Trandafirasi din foietaj

It’s time for mini roses again! … enjoy :*

Baked treats

mini trandafiri din mere 11

I have honestly received so many compliments in the past with these delicious BakedTreats and these roses have been such a success amongst everyone – from birthday parties to anniversaries or to even weddings. It is the dessert I make when my two sons keep insisting that they want something sweet, yet I want to do anything but be in the kitchen! So yes it is an extremely easy recipe, which requires a minimum effort, but is extremely extravagant. 

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 45min.


a pack of puff pastry, 3 apples, 4 spoons of sugar, a spoon of cinnamon, lemon juice from half a lemon and the yolk of an egg.


Turn the oven on at a temperature of 180”C in order for it to heat up. Cut the apples in two and each half cut into very thin slices. Pop these slices into a pan and…

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