Sfinti moldovenesti

Sfinti are a traditional romanian treat….special for 9th March. Are you ready? 🙂 :* ♥ enjoy this recipe… is absolutely delicious…

Baked treats


For all those out there that are wondering ‘What in the name of God is this’, sfintii are a traditional Romanian treat… and well this treat brings back sweet memories from my childhood!

I remember when my mother used to wake up and with such joy she would knead the dough to prepare this dish, while my sisters and I were intertwined between her legs, begging her to let us help at least a bit because we were all bakers of course… or so we thought! 🙂 And I remember that my boys used to do the same thing when they were small, but things changed … they are all grown up and they now only enjoy tasting my BakedTreats alongside a glass of wine with their father.

Anyway these are merely sweet memories, so let’s start baking!  

Preparing time: 15min

Baking time: 25min

Difficulty: Medium



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