Almond muffins



I had some free time today and I decided to visit a very dear friend!! I couldn’t go empty handed of course, so knowing she loves almonds I prepared a few almond muffins to go along with our afternoon tea filled with tales, stories and a bit of harmless gossip. 

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 30min.


Muffin dough – 80gr soft butter, 50gr brown sugar, 50gr white sugar, 80ml milk, almond essence, 200gr flour, 1 spoon of baking powder, 2 eggs and 50gr grinded almonds.

Icing – 100gr soft butter, 250gr icing sugar, 40ml milk and almond essence.


As always, mix the butter and sugar together in a bowl until these become a creamy mixture. Add the eggs and make sure you mix well until they are fully integrated into your previous mixture and then one by one, add the milk and almond essence.

The next step is to sieve the flour and baking powder and only after add these into the mixture. You should now, after mixing well with a spatula or manual mixer, have a thick sour cream like mixture.

Proceed by filling up your bun cases up to three quarters (as shown below) and pop these in the oven for 15-20min. at a temperature of 180”C. As I always mention, don’t forget to check that the muffins are in fact baked before taking them out, as not all ovens work the same and it might take a longer/shorter period for you.


From the given ingredients, I made 18 medium sized muffins, if you want them smaller or larger, the quantities will differ. 🙂

When these are baked and chilled, you can decorate them as you wish with the icing which is easily made. Mix the butter and sugar together until the icing sugar is fully integrated into the butter, then add the milk and almond essence. You should get a creamy mixture and with the help of an icing pipe and different nozzles you can creatively decorate your muffins. I chose a medium nozzle which created this skirt like decoration, however you can chose a different one or even a combination of them.


They are such savoury, creamy and tasteful muffins and aren’t too sweet! They go perfect for any event and are just a delightful addition to even the dullest day!

I really hope you all try these out since they are just delish!

Good luck with your baking and I wish you all the best. Kisses and hugs and I will see you all soon with yet another ravishing delight! 



Romanian version:

     Migdalele sunt printre favoritele mele, mai ales in prajiturici si pentru ca maine voi face o vizita unei persoane foarte dragi sufletului meu, m-am gindit ca ar fi minunat sa avem linga ceasca cu ceai ceva deosebit sa savuram…:)

   Da hai sa vedem cum se pregatesc frumusetile astea….

Timp de pregatire: 30 min

Dificultate: redusa

Ingrediente:- pentru muffins:

  • 80 gr unt moale
  • 50 gr zahar brun
  • 50 gr zahar alb
  • 80 ml lapte
  • esenta de migdale
  • 200 gr faina
  • 1 lingurita praf de copt
  • 2 ouă
  • 50 gr migdale macinate

-pentru icing:

  • 100 gr unt moale
  • 250 gr zahar pudra
  • 40 ml lapte
  • esenta de migdale

Se mixeaza untul cu zaharul pina devine spumos, se adauga ouăle si se mixeaza pina la incorporare, apoi esenta de migdale si laptele. Se cerne faina impreuna cu praful de copt si apoi se adauga in compozitie. Se amesteca foarte bine pina se incorporeaza si avem un aluat de consistenta unei smantani groase. Cu ajutorul unei linguri punem compozitie in formele de muffins cam 3/4 sa fie pline si dam la cuptor pentru 15-20 minute la 180”C. Nu uitati sa faceti testul cu scobitoarea pentru ca nu toate cuptoarele functioneaza la fel.


Din cantitatile date mie mi-au iesit 18 muffins de marime medie. Cit se racesc avem timp sa facem glazura. Mixam foarte bine untul si in 5-6 etape incorporam zaharul pudra alternind cu laptele si eseta de migdale. Ne va iesii o  glazura spumoasa de unt si cu ajutorul uni sprit puteti orna frumos muffinsurile. Eu am ales de aceasta data o forma speciala care creeaza  aceste minunate si elegante fustite.


   Sunt delicioase, cremoase, nu foarte dulci si merg perfect la orice ocazie, fie ea o mica intalnire cu prietenele, un party ori mai stiu eu ce eveniment dragut in viatza voastra…

   Va imbratisez c drag si va doresc spor la prajiturit pina data viitoare :*


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