Orange cake with lemon icing


Well today we have a bitter-sweet combination. I thought it was time for a bit of a change and a little break from all the delicious yet very sweet desserts I’ve showed you so far! 🙂

It goes without saying that this combination agrees so well with our taste buds! To be honest this recipe was a spur of the moment rather than something planned, because while I was searching though different blogs looking for ideas for today’s specialty, I stumbled upon Laura Adamache’s blog post. She made an orange flavored cake and of course I was suddenly in the mood for something orangey!

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 45min.


Dough: 3 eggs, 150gr sugar, 100ml fresh orange juice, 120ml oil, vanilla essence, 200gr flour, 50gr cooking starch, 1 spoon of baking powder, a pinch of baking soda, 1 spoon of cacao and some lemon skin.

Glaze: 200gr sugar, the lemon juice from half a lemon.


Mix the eggs and sugar together until their volume doubles up and their color becomes lighter, then add in the fresh orange juice, oil and vanilla essence and mix these in together with the help of a spatula. You can then proceed add the flour, baking powder and baking soda, which were all sieved beforehand. Set up two small baking trays and fill these up with most of the mixture you’ve created, leaving only around 5-6 spoons of it over as you’ll need to mix these in with the cacao. The cacao mix you’ve just created can then be added on top of the mixture in the baking trays and you can then softly and carefully mix in the two.


The trays are now ready to be left in the oven for 30-35min. at a temperature of 180”C, but don’t forget to warm up the oven beforehand (this is important for anything you bake in the oven). Also always check if your baked treats are in fact baked as all ovens are different and the time I give is merely an estimate that might work for most ovens.


After baking, when the two little cakes are chilled, you can spread the glaze on top of each. This glaze is extremely easy to make: mix the powder sugar with the lemon juice.


The final result is spectacularly tasty! Let me know what you think of this combination!

I wish you all good luck and I hope all of you have a lovely week. Kisses :* 

Romanian version:

 Trebuie sa va spun ca aceasta combinatie de dulce acrisor este absolut senzatie pentru papilele gustative…Imi place sa ma joc cu ingredientele si astăzi tot uitindu-ma pe diferite bloguri m-a inspirat postarea Laurei Adamache cu un chec cu aroma de portocala si am zis..hai sa fac si eu ceva cu aroma de portocala pentru desertul de astazi…:)

Imi place sa fac checuri pentru ca nu iti ia mult timp si e un desert foarte usor si merge perfect linga ceasca cu ceai de la ora 5…. 😉

   Timp de pregatire: 45min



  • 3 oua, 150 gr zahar, 180 ml suc de portocale cu pulpă, 120 ml ulei, esență de vanilie, 200 gr făina, 50 gr amidon, o linguriță praf de copt, un virf de linguriță bicarbonat, o linguriță cacao, coaja rasa de lamaie
  • glazura: 200 gr zahar pudra, zeama de la o lamaie medie

Mixăm ouăle cu zaharul pina isi dubleaza volumul si se deschide la culoare, apoi adaugam sucul de portocala, uleiul si esența de vanilie si cu ajutorul unei spatule ori un mixer manual amestecam ingredientele. Adaugam faina, praful de copt si bicarbonatul care au fost cernute in prealabil si amestecam pina la incorporare totala. Pregatim doua tavi mici de chec ori o forma rotunda(cum va place mai mult) si punem compoziția. Lăsăm la urma 5-6 linguri de compoziție pe care o amestecam cu cacaoa. Compozitia rezultata o punem peste cea deja pusa in tava si cu ajutorul unei scobitori ori furculite amestecam un pic sa se intrepatrunda culorile.


Punem la cuptor pentru 30-35 minute la 180”C in cuptorul incins in prealabil. Nu uitati de testul cu scobitoarea pentru a nu da gres, nu toate cuptoarele functioneaza la fel. Rezultatul…..


Cind sunt reci checurile le punem deasupra grazura de lamaie care se face foarte usor, amestecam zaharul pudra cu zeama de la o jumatate de lamaie si cu ajutorul unei lingurite intindem pe toata suprafata checului grazura….



    Rezultatul final…..un spectacol de savoare……Spor dragii mei si ginduri bune catre voi trimit :*


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