Waffles with nutella


Since today is Sunday and I love waking my boys up with the smell of BakedTreats throughout the house, I decided to make some waffles. And what better to fill them up with than nutella? They are the perfect breakfast dessert for a gloomy Sunday morning (it’s been raining nonstop here where I am), but they can be just as delicious for a sunny Sunday morning! So let’s get down to baking.

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 15min.


2 cups of flour, ½ cup of sugar, 300ml milk, 2 eggs, a spoon of baking powder, 100gr melted butter and vanilla essence.


In a large bowl mix the eggs, vanilla essence, milk and sugar. After you have done so, add the sieved flour and baking powder, mix, and then add the melted butter. This will result in quite a thick composition; however that’s the way it should be!


Start the waffle iron and when this is hot, pour your composition into the centre of it in order to create the waffle design we all know. It will not take longer than 1 minute for these to be ready, so be careful not to burn them. My waffle maker creates large shaped waffles and I usually get around 14-15 waffles from the given ingredients; however you can have fun and create whatever size and shapes you wish. This time around, I even cut the waffles into four in order to create a heart shaped nutella filled waffle sandwich.


You all know how delicious and how much waffles can cheer us up, therefore I won’t state this again, but I will say that they are the perfect energizing breakfast food that goes really well with a warm milk cup. 🙂

Well how many of you out there are now craving these for tomorrow’s breakfast? haha

I wish you all the best and once again good luck with all your baking! Have a blessed week! :*

Pentru ca a fost duminica si imi place să imi trezesc băietii cu mirosuri apetisante, m-am gindit  sa fac  waffe…și pentru ca ei sunt fani adevarati nutella…..am zis…cu nutella sa fie..:)

Waffele sunt printre cele mai rapide deserturi facute in casa și imi e foarte usor sa le fac, in special duminica dimineața pentru micul dejun..Da hai sa vedem cum se fac…

Timp de pregatire: 15 minute

Dificultate: usoara


  • 2 cup făina
  • 1/2 cup zahar
  • 300 ml lapte
  • 2 ouă
  • o linguriță praf de copt
  • 100 gr unt topit
  • esență de vanilie

Intr-un bol mare mixam ouăle, esența de vanilie, laptele si zaharul. Adaugam faina cernuta in prealabil impreuna cu praful de copt si la urma adaugam untul topit. Veți avea o compozitie destul de groasa insa asa trebuie sa fie.


Porniți aparatul pentru wafe si cind este incins, cu ajutorul unei lingure puneți compoziție in centru formei si faceți waffele. Se coc in aproximativ un minut fiecare. Eu folosesc un aparat cu forme foarte mari si din ingredientele date imi ies cam 14-15 waffe. De data aceasta am desparțit fiecare waffă in patru părți egale si cind au fost destul de reci le-am umplut cu nutella.



     Sunt delicioase, ciocolătoase, perfect pentru un mic dejun energizant alaturi de o ceșcuță cu lăptic cald..:)

    Ce ziceți?? Le incercați??… Spor dragii mei si să aveți o saptămina binecuvintată … :*

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