Lavender cupcakes



Lavender… my darlings, I must say that I absolutely love lavender! I use it all the time and I have lavender all over in my house from lavender flowers, lavender soap and shower gel, lavender washing powder, lavender scented paper for all the wardrobes in the house to the smallest detail such as edible dried lavender flowers for tea and of course BakedTreats!

I just feel that the lavender scent brings about a strong sense of calmness and relaxation in my household and it cheers me up constantly. Not to mention that I drink lavender tea before bed as it relaxes me and my sleep becomes much more peaceful and restful. Anyway, we should move onto this delicious lavender recipe. 🙂

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 30min.


Dough: 200ml milk, one spoon of dried lavender flowers, 2 cups flour, ¾ cups sugar, 80gr butter, 2 eggs and vanilla essence.

Frosting: 25ml milk, 350gr powder sugar, 100gr butter and vanilla essence.


Start off by mixing the butter and sugar together in a bowl until you’re left with a foamy mixture. You can then add the eggs one by one and the milk, which you mixed with the lavender flowers beforehand. Proceed to add the vanilla essence to the composition you’ve created so far and then the sieved flour and baking powder.

With the help of a spoon fill up the cupcake papers (as shown below) with the dough you’ve created. Make sure you don’t fully fill the tiny papers in order to allow enough space for the frosting. You can then proceed to bake them for approximately 15min. at a temperature of 180”C with the oven slightly opened (a very small crack).


During the baking and chilling time, you can make the frosting. Once again, in a bowl, mix the butter (which cannot be cold, but rather at room temperature) with the powder sugar. Add milk slowly, not all at once but rather with some small breaks in between and then add the vanilla essence. Make sure you mix all the ingredients well and voilà you have your frosting.

When the cupcakes dough is completely chilled, you can start decorating as you wish. I used a large mouthed piping bag to create the rose shaped frosting decoration and then I added some sugar crystals which were of course lavender scented! 🙂



I truly love them! They are just delicious, creamy and quick enough to make. Serve them close to your dear ones and enjoy a spectacular evening!

I wish you all the best! Kisses and good luck with your daily baked creations too! :*




   Levandaaa….dragii mei trebuie sa va spun ca iubesc levanda, da o iubesc pur si simplu in toate modurile posibile. Am peste tot in casa levanda, am flori, am sapun, gel dus, detergent de rufe cu miros de levanda, hartie parfumata pentru dulapioare cu miros de levanda  si bineinteles un saculeț generos cu flori uscate de levanda pentru ceai si prajiturirele…Levanda aduce liniste si relaxare in casa mea , ma binedispune si trebuie sa va spun ca un ceai de levanda baut inainte de culcare ma relaxeaza si am un somn profund si linistit…Asa ca a venit vremea sa fac si ceva dulce cu levanda special pentru voi ….

Dificultate: redusa

Timp de pregatire: 30 min.


  • 200 ml lapte
  • o lingurita flori uscate de levanda
  • 2 cup faina
  • 3/4 cup zahar
  • 80 gr unt
  • 2 ouă
  • esenta de vanilie

pentru frosting:

  • 25 ml lapte
  • 350 gr zahar pudra
  • 100 gr unt
  • esenta de vanilie

Intr-un bol mixam untul cu zaharul pina se spumeaza, adaugam ouăle pe rind si apoi laptele in care am pus florile de levanda . Adaugam esenta de vanilie si apoi faina cernuta in prealabil cu praful de copt.

Cu ajutorul unei lingurite punem compozitie in formele de briose cam trei sferturi sa fie pline si dam la cuptor pentru aproximativ 15 minute la 180”C in cuptorul incins in prealabil


Cit timp se coc si se racesc briosele facem spuma de unt. Mixam intr-un bol untul care trebuie sa fie la temperatura camerei cu zaharul pudra pe care in punem in 5-6 etape alternind cu laptele si esenta de vanilie. Cind briosele sunt complet reci le ornam dupa bunul plac cu spuna de unt. Eu am ales un spriț foarte mare cu care am facut trandafirași si i-am pudrat cu citeva cristale de zahar cu aroma de levanda..normal…:)


    Sunt absolut delicioase, cremoase si aromate. Va recomand sa le serviti alaturi de o ceasca cu cafea ori ceai impreuna cu cei dragi..

   Ginduri bune dragii mei si spor la prajiturit :*


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