Mini roses/ Trandafirasi din foietaj

mini trandafiri din mere 11

I have honestly received so many compliments in the past with these delicious BakedTreats and these roses have been such a success amongst everyone – from birthday parties to anniversaries or to even weddings. It is the dessert I make when my two sons keep insisting that they want something sweet, yet I want to do anything but be in the kitchen! So yes it is an extremely easy recipe, which requires a minimum effort, but is extremely extravagant. 

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 45min.


a pack of puff pastry, 3 apples, 4 spoons of sugar, a spoon of cinnamon, lemon juice from half a lemon and the yolk of an egg.


Turn the oven on at a temperature of 180”C in order for it to heat up. Cut the apples in two and each half cut into very thin slices. Pop these slices into a pan and then add the sugar, cinnamon and lemon juice. Leave over the stove at a small gas mark until the sugar melts and the apple slices softened a bit. Then you can cut the puff pastry into long strips (on the width of the dough if this has arectangular shape) and on each strip you place the apple slices, slightly overlapping.

Start rolling up the strips carefully and they will end up looking like roses. Place these in a baking tray that contains baking paper and before putting them in the oven at a 30”C temperature, make sure you grease them up a bit using the battered egg yolk as this gives them a nicely pigmented colour. As not ovens are the same, yours might require a longer baking time or a shorter one, therefore I would say just to keep an eye on the roses and only take them out when they are golden.

mini trandafiri din mere 1

And that is all! Nice and easy, yet the look ravishing!! I would recommend them for any occasion as they never fail to impress and are just so delicious!

Good luck with your baking for the day and I will see you all with the next recipe of BakedTreats. Kisses and I wish you all the best! :*

Mare succes cu acest minunat desert pe care il fac atunci cind ai mei baieți ma innebunesc ca vor ceva dulce și eu imi doresc sa fug repede din bucatarie…) dadaa..ați prins ideea fac fff repede și cu un efort minim…

Timp:45 min



  • un pachet foietaj
  • 3 mere
  • 4 linguri zahar
  • un varf linguriță scorțișoară
  • zeama de la o jumătate de lămaie și un gălbenuș

In primul rind, dam drumul la cuptor la 180”C sa aiba timp sa se incinga. Taiem merele in doua și apoi fiecare jumatate o taiem felii fff subțiri pe care le punem intr-o craticioara cu zaharul, scorțișoara și zeama de lamaie la foc mic doar pina se topeste zaharul si merele s-au inmuiat un pic. Apoi, taiem foietajul in fașii lungi (pe lațimea aluatului daca e in forma dreptunghiulara) și pe fiecare fașie punem felii de mere suprapuse un pic una peste alta. Rulam fiecare fașie si formam trandafirașii pe care ii așezam in tava de cuptor pe care am pus in prealabil hartie de copt. Ungem fiecare trandafiraș cu galbenușul batut, pentru culoare și dam la cuptor pentru aprox 30”. Pentru ca nu toate cuptoarele lucreaza la fel va sfatuiesc sa urmariți ca foietașul sa fie copt și un pic auriu la culoare.

mini trandafiri din mere 1

Spor la prajiturit și o zi cu soare in suflet va doresc! :*


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