Gluten free scones with strawberries


So since I had some special guests today, I had to prepare some obviously delicious BakedTreats to go along side our afternoon teas and I thought ‘what better than scones with fruits?’.I used fresh strawberries for them to be tastier and decided to make them gluten free.

Anyway let’s move on to the baking and to see the recipe, which I must say is extremely easy and it creates the perfect taste with a little bit of butter and a spoon of jam.

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 20 m


250gr gluten free flour, 50gr sugar, 1 spoon of baking powder, 1 spoon sodium bicarbonate, 100gr strawberries, 100gr butter (cold and cut into cubes), 160-180ml buttermilk and vanilla essence.


Firstly, start the oven at a 200”C temperature in order to prepare it. Mix in the flour and sugar and then add the sodium bicarbonate, baking powder and butter, one by one. Knead the mixture with the help of a mixer, until the butter nicely mixes in with the rest of the contents. If you don’t have a mixer, use a fork or even your hands.

Proceed to add the fruits, which you have cut into small cubes beforehand. In a small bowl mix the buttermilk and the vanilla essence and then add this to the rest of the contents you’ve created so far. I would recommend you firstly add around half of the buttermilk in order to be able to mix and blend it into the contents and then add the second half. Depending on whether you will use gluten free flour or just normal flour, your buttermilk ml will change slightly. I’ve used gluten free flour, therefore I only needed around 140ml of buttermilk however for normal flour you will most likely require 180ml.

Fill up your working area with as much flour as possible, in order to avoid the dough from sticking to this and spread the dough into a thick layer of 5cm across this working area. With the help of a glass, cut the dough created into round shapes and place these nicely in a baking tray that was filled with baking paper beforehand.


Leave them in for 7-10min at a temperature of 200”C. And this is the result…. tadaaaaa!

They are tastier when they are cut into two parts, warm and buttered up with a bit of jam and alongside a tall mug of Lyon’s tea with milk. I can’t emphasise how delicious they are and how well they fit into an afternoon of catching up with dear friends.

Good luck with your baking, my darlings! I wish you all the best. Kisses :*

Pentru ca astazi am avut oaspeti de seama, se cerea sa fac ceva bun sa servim alaturi de ceșcuța cu ceai si m-am gindit ca merg perfect aceste minuni de scones cu fructe. Am ales sa le fac cu capșuni prospete si pentru ca  prietena mea e speciala, a trebuit sa le fac gluten free…:) 

Dar hai sa vedem reteta….e foarte simpla si extrem de usor de facut si merge perfect cu un pic de unt si o lingurita de dulceata.

Dificultate: redusa

Timp de preparare: 20 minute


  • 250 gr.faina gluten free
  • 50 gr. zahar
  • o lingurita praf de copt
  • un virf lingurita bicarbonat de sodiu
  • 100 gr. căpșuni
  • 100 gr. unt taiat cubulete foarte rece
  • 160-180 ml lapte batut
  • esenta de vanilie

Mai intai de toate pornim cuptorul la 200”C pentru ca aceste minuni se coc foarte repere la foc  mare. Amestecam faina cu zaharul, praful de copt si bicarbonatul de sodiu dupa care, untul si cu ajutorul unui mixer pentru patiserie framintam pina untul de incorporeaza in compozitie si are textura din imagineDaca nu aveti aceasta ustensila framintati cu ajutorul unei furculite ori cu mina.Adaugam fructele taiate cuburi mici. Acum e momentul sa adaugam laptele batut in care am adaugat esenta de vanilie. Mai intai punem jumatate si cu ajutorul unei furculite ori spatule amestecam pina la incorporare(aluatul se atinge cit mai putin posibil) si apoi adaugam restul.Trebuie sa va spun ca e posibil sa adaugati tot laptele batut ori doar in jur de 140-160 ml deoarece faina pe care o sa o folositi influenteaza textura aluatului. Pentru ca eu am folosit faina gluten free am adaugam in jur de 140 ml.Daca faceti reteta normal, cu faina normala, mai mult ca sigur aveti nevoie de 180 ml.


Punem pe blatul de lucru faina din abundență , intindem o foaie groasa de aproximativ 5cm si cu ajutorul unei forme rotunde(fie chiar si gura unui pahar) facem rondele pe care le asezam in tava tapetata cu hartie de copt Se coc in jur de 7-10 minute la 200” C. Rezultatul..tadaaaaa…


  Va recomand sa le serviți taiate in doua , calde, unse cu unt si dulceață alaturi de o cana cu ceai negru cu lapte. Sunt extrem de delicioase si merg perfect la o șuietă cu prietenele dragi..:)

  Spor la prajiturit si  o zi cu soare dragii mei :*


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