Butter-vanilla cake with berry sauce and whipped cream

Baked treats


This is an exquisite, elegant and wonderful cake that can be made for any sort of anniversary or celebration. This time around I actually made it for a special lady, to whom of course I couldn’t offer just anything. It had to be something delicate just like her, however we should get our baking hats on! 🙂

Difficulty: Medium

Time: 2 hours


Dough :3 eggs, 100gr sugar, 80gr melted butter, vanilla essence, 1 spoon baking powder, 200gr sieved flour

Whipped cream – 500ml liquid sour cream, 4 spoons of sugar, 100gr cheese cream, vanilla essence, lemon skin

Fruit sauce – 300gr frozen wild berries, 3 sugar spoons

Decorating – 250gr fondant as a top layer and for the orchid and ribbon like detail


First of all, I just have to say that the cake itself is extremely easy and fast to make, the longest part being the chilling…

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