Red velvet sandwich cookies



150gr soft butter

200gr sugar

2 eggs

vanilla essence

150ml buttermilk

2 spoons of red food dye

400gr flour

100gr cacao (good quality cacao)

200gr butter

500gr powder sugar

3 spoons of milk

almond essence

1 egg white


Batter the butter and then add in turns the sugar, then the eggs, then the vanilla essence, followed by the buttermilk (in which the red food dye was added) and finally the flour and cacao (make sure it is of good quality as the final colour of the baked goods is influenced by it). You will now have a creamy composition which you will place in the fridge for 30min.

While this cools down, start the oven and set it at 180”C and you have enough time to prepare the cream you will need for the inside. Start off by battering the 200gr of butter to which you will add small amounts of sugar regularly (5-6 times max.), then add in the milk as well as the almond essence and the battered foamy egg white. I must say that this is the perfect cream to fill up cupcakes or little sandwiches or even to decorate the outside of cakes and whatever else you may please.

When the 30min. are up, make 2.5cm balls from the composition and place them in a tray of your choice. Don’t forget the baking paper! Bake for only 6-8min. From the quantities I’ve given you, you will end up with 70-80 cookies, which means 35-40 sandwiches.

After baking, allow them to cool down a bit and then fill them with the almond cream. I chose to decorate them further by placing some melted chocolate lines on the top half of the sandwich; however you can leave them plain or decorate them as you wish. 🙂

They are absolutely wonderful, delicate and delicious. It’s the kind of sweet dessert that goes perfectly with unsweetened tea or some black coffee, not to mention how ideal they can be for a small party and how many compliments they will bring!

Good luck, I wish you all the best and I’m really excited to see your reactions. Are they a ‘yay’ or a ‘nay’? Kisses :*  


  • 150gr unt moale
  • 200gr zahar
  • 2 ouă
  • esență vanilie
  • 150ml lapte bătut
  • 2 lingurițe colorant alimentar roșu
  • 400gr făină
  • 100gr cacao de foarte bună calitate
  • Pentru cremă: 200gr unt la temperatura camerei
  • 500gr zahăr pudră
  • 3 linguri de lapte
  • esență de migdale
  • un albus de ou

Mod de preparare

Se freaca spuma untul cu zaharul, se adauga pe rind ouale, esența de vanilie, laptele batut in care s-a amestecat mai intai colorantul roșu și apoi faina amestecata in prealabil cu cacaua ( am zis cacao de foarte buna calilate pentru a va ieși culoarea fursecurilor cit mai frumoasa – cacaua influențeaza nuanța roșului). Ne va ieși o compoziție cremoasa pe care o dam la rece aprox. 30 minute. Intre timp incingem cuptorul la 180”C și facem crema de unt dupa cum urmeaza: frecam spuma untul și adaugam zaharul in 5-6 reprize, alternind cu laptele. Adaugam esența de migdale și albusul batut spuma. Trebuie sa va spun ca este o crema perfecta pentru umplut fursecuri ori pentru ormat torturi.

Cu ajutorul unui șpriț pentru fursecuri ori, pur si simplu, cu o lingurița, punem in tava tapetata cu hartie de copt biluțe de aprox 2.5cm și le coacem 6-8minute. Din cantitațile date va vor ieși 70-80 fursecuri, deci 35-40 sandwiches.

Cind sunt reci fursecurile le umpleți cu crema cu ajutorul unui șpriț. Eu le-am decorat cu ciocolata topita, insa le puteți decora dupa bunul plac cu orice…:)

Sunt minunate, delicate, e un desert dulce și merge perfect cu un ceai neindulcit ori o ceasca cu cafea sa nu mai zic ce senzație puteți face la o mica petrecere..:)

Spor și ginduri bune, dragii mei. :*


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