Heart shaped marzipan


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Difficulty: Easy

Time: 30 min

Ingredients: 100g yellow marzipan, 100g black chocolate, 50 ml liquid whipped cream, 10g white chocolate


Today we have a simple and extremely yummy recipe …

What you need to do is firstly create the small marzipan balls which you will then place in heart shaped decorators. You need to leave them so for approximately 30min and then carefully take them out; you can use a toothpick to make it easier.

During those 30min you can melt the black chocolate and add the liquid whipped cream to create an easy yet tasty chocolate sauce.

After the hearts are shaped, cover them with the chocolate sauce you just made and place them nicely on an aluminium foil. Leave the chocolate to dry off and when dried you can decorate as you wish… my choice was to decorate them with a bit of melted white chocolate.

And voilà you have delicious and not too sweet heart shaped marzipan and not to mention that they are the perfect present for Valentine’s Day which is just around the corner. 🙂

Good luck and wish you all the best! Feel free to share your opinions! Kisses :*


  • 100 g marțipan galben
  • 100g ciocolata amaruie
  • 50 ml friscă lichidă
  • 10 g ciocolata albă

Mod de preparare

Simplu și de maxim efect …punem biluțe de marțipan in formele de inimioare, le lasam aprox.30 min si apoi le scoatem cu grija cu ajutorul unei scobitori. Intre timp, pe aburi topim ciocolata amaruie cu friscalichida. Dupa ce am scos inimioarele din forma le trecem prin sosul de ciocolata și le asezam usor pe un gratar ori pur si simplu pe folie de aluminiu. Le lasam la racit și apoi le decoram dupa bunul plac..eu le-am decorat cu un pic de ciocolata alba topita..

Sunt delicioase, nu foarte dulci..ca sa nu mai zic ca merg perfect oferite cadou de Ziua Indragostiților…:)

Spor si ginduri bune! :*

Also find the recipe on: http://www.gustos.ro/retete-culinare/inimioare-de-mar-ipan.html

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