Baked doughnuts with cinnamon


Difficulty: Easy

Time: 1 hour


450gr. of flour

225 ml warm milk

80gr. sugar

1 egg

7gr. yeast

100gr. soft butter

lemon skin

vanilla sugar and 1 spoon of cinnamon


Sift the flour through a sieve and then add the beaten egg, the warm milk, the sugar, the soft butter, the yeast and the vanilla sugar and cinnamon. Knead the dough until all the mentioned ingredients become part of it. Then leave this dough in a warm place for approximately one hour and a half until it rises.

When done, with a glass or some sort of shaper (whatever is handier) cut the dough into round shapes. Place them on a baking paper and leave them for a further 20 to 30 min. and only then will they be ready to be baked. Place these in a baking tray with baking paper and bake for 15min. at a temperature of 180”C. When ready, take out and leave for 5min. to cool down and proceed to cover them in a bit of butter in order to then roll them through a mixture of cinnamon and vanilla sugar.

They are absolutely mouth-watering, try for yourself if you don’t believe me! The best thing about them is that no oil has been used, making them healthier and less stodgy when eating. Also try them with a tall cup of milk or tea, they are the perfect combination!


Good luck and don’t be afraid to send me your creations and your thoughts on these doughnuts. What would you do differently? I wish you all the best my little master chiefs! Kisses :*

Also find the recipe on:


225ml.lapte calduț
un ou
100gr.unt moale
coajă de lamaie
zahăr vanilat și o linguriță scorțișoară
Pentru uns: unt topit

Mod de preparare    

Cernem faina și la mijloc turnam oul batut cu laptele calduț, zaharul,untul moale,drojdia si aromele. Framintam aluatul pina la incorporarea tuturor ingredientelor foarte bine și lasam la loc calduț sa creasca aproximativ o ora și jumatate. Intindem apoi o foaie groasa cam cit un deget si cu ajutorul unui pahar ori forme..ce aveți la indemina taiați gogoșelele si le asezați pe hartie de copt.

Mai lasați sa creasca inca 20-30minute și apoi in cuptorul incins le coaceți 15minute la 180”C. Le scoateți, le lasați 5 minute si apoi cu ajutorul unei spatule le ungeți cu unt topit din belșug dupa care le tavaliți in zahar amestecat cu scorțișoara. Sunt pufoase, aromate și merg perfect linga o cana cu laptic ori ceai..:)

Spor la prajiturit și ginduri bune, dragii mei  :*


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